Monday, February 4, 2013

Hello World

Gardner Campbell (, at a workshop last week, told me that the first post in any blog should be called "Hello World".  It seemed like valid advice from someone who blogs as much (and as expertly) as he does, so here I am greeting my future self, and anyone else who should choose to visit.  Beyond a greeting, of course, I should provide some sort of statement of why you might want to spend some of your precious few minutes reading what I have written.  The real purpose behind this blog is not necessarily to entertain, to enrich, or inspire (though that may happen), and it certainly isn't to solve the mysteries of the universe.  There probably won't even be funny pictures of cats.  What I do hope to do, however, is to require myself to take some time to reflect upon the work that I do, comment on the publications that I read,  try to make sense of the research that I both perform for myself and guide others through, and to attempt to impose some form on the ideas that occupy my mind when I am trying to get everything else done.

I hope that  in the end  I can at least organize my thoughts a little more effectively than I have been able to up until now. So hello world, and welcome.

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